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Features and maintenance of mobile DVD




  Features of mobile DVD:
Functional features refer to the outstanding features of a product compared with other products, in addition to its regular functions. However, there is no clear definition of how to be a characteristic. The starting point and positioning of each manufacturer and even each product are different, so for the functional characteristics, the user application after comparison is a reasonable choice. Portable DVD's common and practical features include fast scanning, fast playback, power-off memory, etc.
Maintenance method of mobile DVD:
1. Do not touch the optical head with your hand (the optical head is the shiny DD under the disc); do not stop the disc forcibly during the rotation of the disc; do not pour water into the disc when it is used by children; do not use it for a long time to wrap it to prevent dust; when it is not used, unplug the power supply and do not plug in the power supply all the time.
2. When the DVD player is working, it should emit a certain amount of heat. Therefore, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated place as far as possible. It should not be placed in the direct sunlight or near the heat source (such as radiator). It should not be placed on the power amplifier or voltage stabilizer. It should be avoided to be placed on the carpet, sofa and mattress. When using, it should not be covered with cloth or other accessories to avoid affecting the heat dissipation. The bare head of the DVD player is easy to be stained Pollution, so do not put it in a dusty place, it is best to make a special dust cover for the dishwasher. Although the high-quality movement has certain shockproof function, it is better to place the disc player on a firm and shockless platform rather than on the same platform as the high-power speaker. It is strictly prohibited to put the DVD player in a humid or rainy place, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the power supply and even cause a short circuit.
3. Verify the local voltage correctly before use. It is strictly prohibited to use the power supply beyond the specified value of voltage. In order to prolong the life of the disc player, it is better to switch on and off the disc player continuously at an interval of more than 30 seconds, and the continuous working time of the machine should not exceed three hours, so that the disc player has a chance of "breathing". When using the function key, the strength should be moderate and not too strong; when not using the DVD player for a long time, the power cord must be pulled out of the power socket; especially for the electronic switch of the DVD player, even if the power is turned off, some circuits are still working. In addition, in order to avoid strong vibration, the disc player should be kept away from places where magnetic or electronic interference is likely to occur. When in use, do not put the disc player on the TV to prevent the interference of heavy pressure and magnetic field. When watching TV programs alone, turn off the power switch of the disc player to avoid noise interference.
4. During maintenance, if there is any dirt on the shell and panel of the DVD player, it can be wiped with a soft cloth dipped with a little neutral detergent. It is forbidden to use alcohol, xylene and other volatile chemicals to avoid damaging the coating and panel silk screen mark. Users are not allowed to dismantle the DVD player at will. Please entrust the local warranty department to solve the maintenance issues.