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Seven tips for choosing DVD player




DVD player as the audio and video source of home theater, what should we pay attention to when we buy it? The author will list the following points for you to pay attention to when purchasing DVD player:
1. price
At present, most DVD players in the market are between 1000-2000 yuan, while the mid-range ones are also between 3000-4000 yuan, while the high-end ones are around 10000 yuan, while the "fever level" ones are as high as tens of thousands yuan. However, if we go to large shopping malls, we can find all the mid-level and low-level ones, and the high-end ones can only be found in franchisees or very large electrical cities. Why are prices so different? Mainly from the picture quality, sound quality, function and quality differences. But the high-end machine often has the special performance in the picture quality and the sound quality, but the general middle and low-end machine can meet the needs of the general public. So before we buy DVD player, we must fix the price, because the middle and low-end DVD player is the most suitable price for the public.
2. function
Before choosing a DVD player, be sure to choose what features your DVD player needs. Because every DVD with different prices has some special functions, such as line tracing, AC-3 decoding, DTS decoding, HDCD decoding, etc., DVD generally has a variety of different functions, but the special functions mentioned above must be noted clearly, because every time such a function is added, the cost of DVD player itself increases a lot. Therefore, before choosing a DVD player with reasonable price, we need to position the function well. If we don't understand the function, we'd better buy it with friends who are familiar with the DVD player.
3. bald headed
Another reasonable choice we need is to use the bare head of the machine. DVD players mainly include Toshiba (represented by single laser head and dual focus), Sony and Hitachi (represented by dual laser head), pioneer (represented by single laser head and dual wavelength laser), Panasonic (represented by single laser head and single focus mirror and dual focus). As far as I know, many brands have chosen the single laser head dual wavelength laser mode with pioneer as the table, and now it has become the mainstream, the main country of origin is low price and few faults. So we can safely choose this kind of DVD player with bare head.
4. chip
What we need to note is that our friends don't quite understand the chip problem. In fact, the middle and low-end DVD players now use several mainstream chips, such as c-cube and ziva, while the middle and high-end ones will use the chips produced by the famous BB (burr Brown) Company in the United States on the audio circuit. For the choice of chips, we usually only focus on this problem when choosing high-end machines. Because no matter what kind of hype the low-cost machines have, they are almost the same. Don't be fooled by the merchant's rhetoric.
The last thing we want to see when we buy DVD player is the DAC (digital to analog conversion) of audio and video. Now most of them are the third generation DVD players. The DAC of video is generally 10bit / 27MHz, and the DAC of audio is generally 96KHz / 24bit. For low-end DVD players, the higher the parameters, the better.
5. Interlacing and line by line
Interlacing and line by line are both functions of DVD player. Some DVD players only have interlaced scanning, while those with progressive scanning are downward compatible with interlaced scanning. Moreover, there are more chips supporting progressive scanning in the DVD player, and the price is generally more expensive than those without progressive scanning. Nowadays, DVD players on the market are equipped with progressive scanning (PDVD) function, saying that the image quality can be much clearer. You should be careful at this time, because most of the TV sets in our family are interlaced. When we use progressive DVD, the picture quality is not clear. So when you buy it, you should be careful what kind of TV the business uses.
6. decoding
What's more is the application of multichannel decoding. Nowadays, DVD players are generally equipped with AC-3 and DTS decoding, but a small part of them only have AC-3 and DTS output, which are two different concepts. We must be clear about them. Because output does not mean decoding, we must be clear about Peugeot on the machine. Some computers only have AC-3 decoding but no DTS decoding. Both of them are similar digital coding and decoding standards. The difference between them lies in the different compression ratio. The built-in decoding of DVD player should be selected according to the equipment collocation. If the AV power amplifier has Dolby AC-3 decoding function, the DVD player does not need to be equipped with AC-3 decoding; if the DVD player has AC-3 decoding function, the AV power amplifier also has this function, resulting in function waste. Because DTS is not willing to sacrifice the capacity of information, it can only be used in Movie software, so DVD player chooses av-3 system with less information. The third generation DVD player usually has DTS digital output, which must be replayed by external DTS decoder or AV power amplifier with DTS decoding. However, it is difficult to find DVD disc encoded by DTS system in the market. As far as the current situation is concerned, whether DVD player is equipped with DTS digital decoding system is of little significance.
7. terminals
General audio-visual equipment is equipped with audio and video input and output terminals. DVD player can output composite video signals through AV output terminals. In order to improve the image quality, a group of S-Video input / output terminals are set up in many audio-visual equipment. By using the special S-Video transmission cable, the separation signal of brightness and chroma is sent to the input of TV, which can reduce the loss of brightness signal and chroma signal, and improve the water level clarity of image. Some DVD players are also provided with output terminals of color difference component signals.
However, it must be pointed out that the output terminal of the color difference component of the DVD player must be connected to the input port of the color difference component of the television. If your color TV has a color difference component input, you should try to choose a DVD player with color difference component output.